Special Healing Course for Arizona Dahn Yoga

Last weekend, Senior Instructor Chung Suk visited the Tempe Dahn Yoga center in Tempe, AZ, and led a Self-healing course for four members.  All four members reported deep experiences and dramatic changes in themselves, both internal and external.

“It was very, very special,” one member said.  ”We were very touched by Master Chung Suk’s sincerity.  There was a lot of bright energy the entire time.”

The course was divided into three segments: first, the members learned body alignment exercises which helped them correct physical imbalances in their bodies and also start to get a deeper sense of proper energy flow.  Second, they did deep personal training in which they connected to their inner selves and awakened the “healer within.”  All members found a strong and passionate desire to truly help themselves and others unlock the secrets of the mind-body system and heal from the inside out.  Third, with this spark alive in their hearts, members practiced partner healing with one another.  They learned not just physical techniques but also how to connect to –  and then share – cosmic energy with their partners.  Everyone experienced deep purification and clarity.

“Doing that kind of training, you really start to feel so close with everyone,” one member shared.  ”I felt very open and trusting at the end.  There was a lot of love in the room.”

Another member reported great empowerment from her experience.  ”I have always wanted to help others, actually that is what my whole life is about,” she said, “but now I know I have to keep healing myself to really help them too.  And I can do it!  It’s great!”

Senior Instructor ChungSuk will visit the Arizona region again at the end of February for a one-day Meridian-healing course.  Anyone who is interested can contact a Dahn Yoga Center in the Phoenix area for more information.

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