‘Center of the Month’ award goes to Dahn Yoga program in Arizona

A Dahn Yoga program in Glendale, Arizona, was recently named the Center of the Month by Dahn Yoga and Health Centers, for promoting community involvement, individual energy and personal growth.

The center was founded in 2006 and has been quite popular since manager Yewon Hwang took her position in March of last year.

The program offers classes that promote stress reduction, flexibility, energy flow and personal growth. While yoga is the primary focus of these courses, the pursuit of a mental-physical bond is at the heart of many of them.

To that end, the Glendale Center teaches local community members the basics of tai chi, meditation, energy channeling and brain wave vibrations. This system revolves around the relaxation of the body, which allows the mind to heal and roam freely within itself.

Hwang was happy to hear of her center’s honor, and said, “I think we’ve been successful because we have a mindset of never giving up and have created an environment in which everyone feels comfortable.”

Individuals of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to try Dahn Yoga at any one of the 600 centers in the U.S. and abroad.

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