More men flock to yoga programs than ever before

The Dahn Yoga community strikes an even balance between the young and the old, the physically fit and the out of shape, and the experienced and the beginners. This equilibrium also extends to gender, since men and women alike have reaped the benefits of the holistic mind-body program.

In general, more men are engaging in yoga than ever before in both Canada and the U.S. A recent article in the Montreal Gazette highlighted as much, noting that men’s exercise goals can differ from those of women.

Fitness professional Roberto Morales told the newspaper that men often want to shed pounds and increase their muscle mass, while women tend to want to simply tone their bodies.

“The first classes were created in the 1980s and they were targeted at women,” he explained to the news source. “They incorporated a lot of dance, so it wasn’t something that attracted most men.”

Today, yoga seems to offer a viable solution to this divergence in fitness ideals. Individuals from all walks of life and both genders can find a program that suits their physical and mental needs.

Taking Dahn Yoga classes is a good way to mix with one’s local community while attending to the body’s and brain’s needs. For those who want to reconnect their mental and corporeal selves, Dahn Yoga offers much in the way of meditation and self-exploration.

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