What illnesses and poor habits encourage, position therapy undoes

Since many of the everyday problems that plague the body stem from simple, long-held bad habits, undoing the causes of such problems is often as simple as using opposing forces within the body to cancel out negative energy. In this regard, a recently established series of Dahn Yoga classes is helping hundreds of satisfied members heal themselves and rearrange their inner energy.

Called position therapy, these instructive sessions were initiated with the help of acupuncturist and self-healing expert Banya Lim, whose practice is based in Arizona.

Lim will be leading a series of classes between May 18th and 22nd that focus on the individual’s ability to rearrange inner imbalances of energy. At its core, position therapy analyzes the patterns and predispositions of the body.

Those that negatively affect an individual’s sense of well-being are gradually corrected by using yoga postures, deep breathing and tai chi.

Furthermore, Lim’s workshop improves the mental state in which a person lives each day, ensuring that otherwise optimal physical health is not hamstrung by a lack of mental awareness of one’s health.

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