Yoga classes in Arizona contribute to health studies

If you have ever been to an Arizona yoga retreat, you’re probably aware of how good it feels to pose and meditate in a community setting, especially under a wide desert sky. However, you may not know that numerous studies conducted by Arizona scientists point to the effective uses of yoga for health problems.

  • Co-written by Sharon Robinson, a psychologist from Arizona State University (ASU), a study published in the journal Applied Psychology found that a yoga-and-relaxation regimen appeared to improve a number of factors contributing to participants’ well-being. These included average heart rate, blood pressure and self-esteem.
  • Heart rate is a popular topic of yoga-related study! A report drawn up by Troy Adams, an exercise and wellness expert at ASU, confirmed that yoga practice can reduce heart rate, even during a single session. He found that, of several distinct styles, gentle yoga tends to result in the lowest average heart rate – about 74 beats per minute.
  • An article appearing in the journal Oncology Times pointed to an Arizona yoga retreat that is tailored to the needs of cancer patients. The report listed a number of activities that patients take part in during the recovery process, including healthy cooking classes, yoga sessions and other complementary therapies.
  • Matthew Taylor, a physical therapist based in Scottsdale, Arizona, wrote a study enumerating the benefits of using yoga as a therapeutic tool. The paper appeared in the journal Techniques in Orthopedics. He emphasized that clinicians need to study both the practice and the philosophy of yoga in order to use it to its fullest potential. “The balance of techniques and theory addressing yoga therapeutics fosters a clinical confidence in the efficacy of adopting yoga as a complement to traditional orthopedic care,” Taylor concluded.

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