How many people take yoga classes in Arizona for epilepsy?

These days, Arizona yoga studios are practically bursting at the seams with new members. And it’s little wonder – after all, complementary and alternative therapies (CATs) have been relieving pain and reducing discomfort for centuries.

So what’s changed? Why are more people than ever before turning to yoga classes in Arizona for conditions like tendinitis, anxiety, headaches or even epilepsy? One possible reason is that scientific studies are finding more and more potential benefits associated with meditation and yoga.

Likewise, the popularity of CATs is increasing, making such treatments more visible. A survey published in the journal Neurology found that, among Arizonan individuals with epilepsy (IWEs), approximately 44 percent have tried CATs for the condition.

Based on the population of the state, that figure translates to roughly 10,500 IWEs in Arizona alone.

On a national level, there may be something of a snowball effect going on. As surveys point to the increasing number of yoga practitioners, more people may be inclined to look into the mind-body regimen themselves.

Across the U.S., close to 16 million adults practice yoga, meditation and related CATs, according to a 2008 survey conducted by the Yoga Journal.

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