Phoenix-area news anchor decides to retire, take yoga classes in Arizona

If you happen to see KTVK Phoenix’s morning show co-host Tara Hitchcock in your Arizona yoga studio sometime soon, don’t be too surprised. The longtime news anchor and television personality recently decided to resign in order to take more time for herself.

According to the Arizona Republic, Hitchcock was at one time part of the popular early show “Good Morning Arizona,” along with anchor Dan Davis and meteorologist Brad Perry, both of whom have since changed careers.

She explained to the newspaper that it is now her turn to try something new.

“I think I’m meant for something else,” Hitchcock said, quoted by the news source. “Sometimes you have that feeling and you know what the change is, and sometimes you don’t.”

Elaborating on the possibilities open to her, she laughingly noted that now she can take more of her beloved yoga classes in Arizona. A die-hard fan of the mind-body system, Hitchcock said that she might be able to join her friends in a yoga class that her TV position kept her from being able to attend.

The former news anchor counts herself as one of the 15.8 million Americans who have tried yoga, as tallied by the Yoga Journal.


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