Shoulder stretching exercises can relieve upper-body pain

If you suffer from shoulder problems, you know that a little relief can be hard to come by. Besides surgical treatments, the options available to people with chronic shoulder ailments are essentially limited to expensive prescription medications, dicey herbal supplements and plenty of bed rest. But beyond these sometimes undesirable treatments, yoga-based shoulder stretching exercises may be able to do the trick.

Joint problems are exceedingly common in the U.S., especially among the elderly. According to data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), shoulder problems alone account for more than 7 million doctor’s visits each year.

In a survey conducted in 2006, the CDC found that 9 percent of American adults reported experiencing shoulder pains in the prior 30 days.

It’s little wonder, really. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons reports that the shoulder is prone to any number of injuries and conditions, particularly with age. These include torn rotator cuffs, arthritis and bursitis.

The organization recommends resting the joint as soon as it begins to ache or show signs of wear and tear. Using stretching exercises for seniors may be an effective way to gradually rebuild strength in a sore shoulder.

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  1. our muscles are composed with fiber and it is necessary and essential for us to exercise our body to enable the fibers to stretch thus help with our blood circulation

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