The elderly enthusiastically use yoga for healthy aging

Whether they take special meditation classes or utilize stretching exercises for seniors, many elderly Americans are just wild about yoga. Studies have shown that this enthusiasm is well-founded, since the holistic regimen entails a number of benefits for aging adults.

An article in the Southern Methodist University (SMU) newspaper, The Daily Campus, profiled Bryan Robbins, a senior who happily turned to yoga 40 years ago and hasn't looked back since.

At 65, he is one of the nearly 20 percent of adults who practice the mind-body routine, according to a survey published by the Yoga Journal. Robbins is also the former head coach of SMU's diving program, where he has been teaching his students yoga since 1971.

He told the news source that with maturation, yoga for healthy aging becomes increasingly appealing to physically fit individuals like himself.

"As you age you have a tendency to [lose] muscle mass and flexibility, so the older you get, the more you have to keep moving," Robbins told the newspaper.

Studies have determined that yoga offers the elderly a number of benefits, from improved gait, balance and coordination to a decreased risk of heart disease and pulmonary problems.

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