Arizona yoga retreats say ‘No, thank you!’ to hot yoga

Even in the Grand Canyon State, where Arizona yoga retreats dot the landscape and enthusiasts pose in the shade, the idea of “hot” yoga isn’t very common. And according to a recent report, such a routine may not be good for practitioners’ well-being, anyway.

According to holistic expert and physical therapist Diana Zotos, hot yoga – that is, a regimen performed in an area heated to between 90 and 105 degrees F – may not be appropriate for everyone.

She explained that people who get heat stroke easily, have blood pressure problems or have difficulty avoiding dehydration may want to think twice before trying such a technique.

Rather than being yoga for healthy skin, a hot yoga class can coat the epidermis in sweat, which may be irritating. Likewise, tight clothing can add to general discomfort.

Zotos recommended always going easy on oneself, drinking plenty of water and pursuing a yoga regimen that is low-intensity and promotes temperature equilibrium.

In that vein, Dahn Yoga classes may be a prime candidate, since they promote gentle posing and stretching, uniforms made with loose-knit, all-natural fibers, cool room temperatures and the balancing of body heat with cool energy.

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