Before Super Bowl, Madonna had a hydraulic yoga retreat center rigged up in her hotel room

If that title is blowing your mind, you’re probably not alone. Headlines nationwide are reporting people’s awe and amazement at Madonna’s commitment to the mind-body routine, as evidenced by her recent request to have a hydraulic yoga retreat center built in her Indianapolis hotel room.

The jury-rigged device consisted of a mat and platform that could be raised nearly to the ceiling, according to Us Weekly. Betcha haven’t seen that at your latest Sedona yoga classes!

Why did Madge ask for such a complex mechanism to be constructed just before her appearance in the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show?

Apparently, for the exact reason you might expect: the 53-year-old superstar loves yoga, using it to stay fit before big performances. And to call her routine at this year’s championship game “big” is to make quite the understatement.

The news source said that her performances of “Vogue,” “Music,” “Give Me All Your Luvin’” and “Like a Prayer” – which were backed by artists like Cee Lo Green, M.I.A. and Nicky Minaj – were some of the most widely lauded in Super Bowl history.

No wonder she needed five days of practice, and five nights of hydraulic yoga to get herself psyched up!

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