Jul 11

Dahn Yoga community offers 20 percent off DVDs in July

Every day, numerous Americans do yoga for health, fitness and a holistic sense of well-being. While many people might prefer to engage in the regimen in a quiet, peaceful, remote location – like spas or yoga retreat centers – this is not always possible. Therefore, Dahn Yoga is currently offering 20 percent off of its entire library of DVDs, allowing enthusiasts everywhere to practice in the comfort of their own homes.

As with everything in life, though, this too shall pass. Such a deal cannot last forever. Dahn Yoga’s DVDs will only be offered at such a discounted rate for the month of July.

For more than 15 years, the relaxing and refreshing regimens of this yoga system have been helping individuals of all ages, backgrounds and body types. Originally, Dahn Yoga came into being in a public park in Korea, where a practitioner in the healthcare field used his knowledge of yoga and tai chi to create a special stretching for a stroke victim.

Today, Dahn Yoga has become a popular way for thousands of Americans to unwind, restore their vitality and reconnect with the community around them.

To get something of a preview of what you may find in its DVDs, you may want to first take a look at one of Dahn Yoga’s multiple YouTube channels, which offer dozens of clips on how to stretch away aches and pains, reopen energy channels and invigorate the body.

For instance, a video series called Two Minute Tips provides instructions on how to help detoxify the liver, open up the bladder meridian or expand the lungs, among many others.

The DVDs created by Dahn Yoga and Health Centers contain many such exercises, though they are generally integrated in a more fluid and holistic session, during which a practitioner will typically stretch, pose, breathe deeply, meditate and potentially practice tai chi or qigong.

Jul 11

Dahn Yoga exercises include poses that benefit the bladder meridian

For elderly Americans, finding simple, commonsensical ways to stay healthy year after year is one of their top priorities. This may be why so many individuals at Arizona yoga retreats engage in stretching exercises for seniors. Using a mind-body regimen, enthusiasts report experiencing benefits in many of the body’s organ systems, including the skin, joints, digestive tract and bladder.

The latter was the basis of Dahn Yoga’s latest Meridian of the Month. The holistic program, which has been helping Americans relax and stay fit for more than 15 years, announced that it would feature bladder meridian exercises during the month of July.

These activities may relieve aches and pains, open up the body’s natural energy channels or even reduce the severity of lower back and bladder problems.

The bladder meridian is the longest of the body’s twelve established meridians, or channels through which ki energy flows. This meridian begins at the corners of the eyes, travels through the body and ultimately terminates in the tips of the toes.

Dahn Yoga and Health Centers suggested several exercises that may open up this meridian and allow the body’s organic forces to flow more freely. One is to simply lift one leg at a time, gently shaking it for a period of 10 seconds or so. Another is to lie on your stomach and lift the torso up with your arms, using gravity to naturally redirect energy to your pelvis.

While it is important to visit a doctor for any health problems you may be having, many yoga experts believe that doing stretching exercises may supplement traditional treatment regimens for bladder ailments.

Some of the most common bladder problems include incontinence and urinary tract infections. These affect approximately 25 million and 16 million Americans, respectively, according to the National Association for Continence and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Jun 11

In the U.S., Dahn Yoga turns 15!

Countless yoga systems exists throughout the U.S., but few have enjoyed as meteoric a rise and as long-lasting a success as that of Dahn Yoga and Health Centers, which celebrated its 15th anniversary on June 18.

The practice itself has existed since 1980, when a medical professional began teaching yoga to a stroke victim in a South Korean public park. Unlike other types of the holistic practice, this form of yoga was different.

It accentuated the connection between mind and body, allowed practitioners to redirect the flow of their inner energy – known as Ki – and consisted of simple poses, stretches and meditative exercises that anyone can do.

This practice became known as Dahn Yoga, "Dahn" being Korean for "energy." It quickly spread throughout its home country and, later, across the U.S., where it was formally incorporated on June 18, 1996.

Today, the Dahn Yoga community has grown to include thousands of satisfied adults, children and whole families. Its classes are offered in dozens of centers throughout the nation.

For those who are looking for an effective holistic health routine, or who simply would like to reconnect with their community, Dahn Yoga offers classes and membership packages for people of all ages.

Jun 11

Dahn Yoga instructor teaches techniques to Native Americans

Bringing peace and mindfulness to out-of-the-way populations is not something that even some of the best yoga instructors find the time to do. However, one member of the Dahn Yoga community in Arizona is doing just that and receiving plenty of appreciation for it.

Tony Dionisio has been taking and teaching Dahn Yoga sessions for more than a decade, and in the past seven years he has been providing outreach programs and yoga classes to elders of the Yavapai-Apache Nation.

Years ago, while suffering from poor health and a sense of directionlessness, Dionisio found clarity and a happy new purpose in Dahn Yoga. Now, he is giving back to the community by teaching what he has learned to the Native American population in and around Clarksdale, Arizona.

His classes quickly took off, attracting more than 2,000 local tribespeople to his five weekly session. Today, Dionisio is still working with the Yavapai-Apache Nation, teaching them to meditate, stretch, pose and reconnect with one another.

“I believe one of the greatest effects we can have on humanity is that of a role model for each other,” he said. “What a great opportunity!”

May 11

What illnesses and poor habits encourage, position therapy undoes

Since many of the everyday problems that plague the body stem from simple, long-held bad habits, undoing the causes of such problems is often as simple as using opposing forces within the body to cancel out negative energy. In this regard, a recently established series of Dahn Yoga classes is helping hundreds of satisfied members heal themselves and rearrange their inner energy.

Called position therapy, these instructive sessions were initiated with the help of acupuncturist and self-healing expert Banya Lim, whose practice is based in Arizona.

Lim will be leading a series of classes between May 18th and 22nd that focus on the individual’s ability to rearrange inner imbalances of energy. At its core, position therapy analyzes the patterns and predispositions of the body.

Those that negatively affect an individual’s sense of well-being are gradually corrected by using yoga postures, deep breathing and tai chi.

Furthermore, Lim’s workshop improves the mental state in which a person lives each day, ensuring that otherwise optimal physical health is not hamstrung by a lack of mental awareness of one’s health.

May 11

Dahn Yoga addresses spleen meridian, then Mother’s Month

Taking the time to practice yoga, tai chi or acupressure is something that anyone can do over the course of their day as a way to unburden themselves of their anxiety  and to find stress relief. Not only that, but individuals who feel that their personal energy is out of alignment with that of the world can resynchronize themselves through a few simple exercises.

Last month, Dahn Yoga and Health Centers featured a series of postures that open up the spleen meridian, an energy channel in the body that contributes to immune and digestive health.

These poses and stretches stimulated the meridian, which is also known as the “Inner Mother,” since it is so critical to overall health and wellness.

Unblocking one’s Inner Mother might be especially appropriate during May, which Dahn Yoga has designated as “Mother’s Month” in order to celebrate the nurturing, loving care of moms everywhere. Dahn Yoga energy exercises soothe the body in a gentle, maternal way.

To open up the spleen meridian, leg squats are a good opening exercise. After that, lying supine, lifting one’s legs straight up toward the sky and holding this position for a few seconds at a time while taking slow, measured breaths can stimulate the Inner Mother in all of us.

Feb 11

‘Center of the Month’ award goes to Dahn Yoga program in Arizona

A Dahn Yoga program in Glendale, Arizona, was recently named the Center of the Month by Dahn Yoga and Health Centers, for promoting community involvement, individual energy and personal growth.

The center was founded in 2006 and has been quite popular since manager Yewon Hwang took her position in March of last year.

The program offers classes that promote stress reduction, flexibility, energy flow and personal growth. While yoga is the primary focus of these courses, the pursuit of a mental-physical bond is at the heart of many of them.

To that end, the Glendale Center teaches local community members the basics of tai chi, meditation, energy channeling and brain wave vibrations. This system revolves around the relaxation of the body, which allows the mind to heal and roam freely within itself.

Hwang was happy to hear of her center’s honor, and said, “I think we’ve been successful because we have a mindset of never giving up and have created an environment in which everyone feels comfortable.”

Individuals of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to try Dahn Yoga at any one of the 600 centers in the U.S. and abroad.

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