May 12

Sun City Retirement Members Find Hope in Dahn Yoga Classes

Sun City Dahn YogaSenior citizens are the largest age group in America, growing faster than the total population.  With this group come problems such as depression, lack of energy, and stiffness, along with the growing fear of infirmity.  But thanks to instructors like Jerrie Ganthe of the Glendale, Arizona Dahn Yoga Center, seniors are able to find a new life filled with strength, hope and peace through the practice of Dahn Yoga.

“Women in their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s are discovering their true self, and their value to humanity,” shares Jerry.  ”So many feel that they will never be free of pain, never sleep through the night again; will always be tired.  It’s rewarding to see these people change!”  These are only the physical issues;  ”The emotional and spiritual growth is heartwarming!”

Jerry started teaching Dahn Yoga in Sun City West, a retirement community outside of Phoenix, a year ago.  The group decided to continue Dahn Yoga after the initial 12-week course ‘In Full Bloom’ ended. This course used Ilchi Lee’s book In Full Bloom:  A Brain Education Guide for Successful Aging as a guideline.  ”The oldest is 94″, Jerry revealed.   Some commented on the positive changes in their lives.

“I am a grateful cancer survivor albeit I lived everyday in terror waiting for the disease to return,” says Pat Goldsberry.  ”Through the mind-body-energy concept of Dahn Yoga, I have been able to find the peace I was searching for.”  ”I always leave feeling relaxed and recharged”, says Donna Peel.  ”We do great stretching and a Dahn Yoga meditation.”

“I lost my husband of 56 years; last summer was a very rough time for me,” confided Joy Kapsula, a yearlong member of Dahn Yoga.  ”Weekly sessions with Jerrie helped me to relax and relieve stress and stiffness, and renew energy.

I plan to continue, and have convinced several of my friends and acquaintances to join me.”  Friends like Martha, from Joy’s local church group.  ”At first, the experience was confusing, it was very different from anything I’ve done before, like the body tapping”, said Martha about Dahn Yoga.   ”It took a few sessions to realize it was very beneficial.”  It helped relieve stress and give her more energy, and “My aura migraines disappeared and my digestion is much improved.”

Martha has incorporated some Dahn Yoga exercises in her senior exercise class in Surprise, AZ.  The Dahn Yoga Community continues to open up new community services in Senior centers and retirement communities across the country, to help people who have lost hope to realize that they can take control of their lives and their future.

“One lady said, ‘I had no idea! I thought I was alone in how I felt! Thank you for showing me how to meet with Me!’” revealed Jerrie Gathe.  ”She still thanks me every week…I leave each class filled with love and gratitude!”

May 12

Dahn Yoga Center members join Earth Day Project sponsored by the cities of Glendale and Peoria, Arizona

Dahn Yoga Arizona clean up crewWhen colleagues in the Phoenix area aren’t teaching Dahn Yoga classes, you might find them cleaning up your countryside.  These Dahn Yoga Community members, fueled by a common appreciation of the Earth, are taking action by volunteering.

That’s why ten members of the Glendale and Tempe Dahn Yoga centers joined with people from the City of Peoria, the City of Glendale, the Salt River Project electric company and various other groups who share a respect for the earth helped clean up trash in and around dried river beds.

Despite the largest Arizona fire in history last year, workers were most shocked by how many cigarette butts lie by the road.  One Dahn Yoga member was amazed by how many cigarette butts she could pile up without moving her feet, just turning 360 degrees.  Starting at 7a.m., they dragged trash from under trees and alongside roads, quickly filling up 33-gallon trash bags.

Glendale Dahn Yoga Center manager Yewon Hwang showed Earth spirit to all the people she and the volunteers met and shared the Meditate and Make a Difference! Message.  “Not just picking up the trash,” explained Yewon, “but awakening people to the importance of protecting Mother Earth, and how, when we learn to breathe and meditate, we can truly make a difference.  We are hoping to have the opportunity of volunteering again.”

dahn yoga cleanup

Susan Gerace of Tempe Dahn Yoga is reminded of  the part in the book The Call of Sedona when Ilchi Lee cleaned out the riverbed in his hometown.  “He carried all the trash up a hill behind his home and used the trash pile to plant pumpkins for the people in his town! It was the first time he realized his value!  It felt good to be able to do our part!”  Keep up the good work, Dahn Yoga members, our earth and its inhabitants thank you!

Oct 11

Dahn Yoga Tempe

Dahn Yoga Tempe has been in business for over 9 years offering their Korean style yoga to the community. Dahn Yoga classes help reduce stress, increase flexibility and energy, integrates yoga with Tai Chi and with meditation postures.

Tap into your body’s energy with Dahn Yoga’s meridian exercises.

Try Dahn Yoga Tempe’s Introductory Session. If you are interested in practicing Dahn Yoga for the first time, setting up an introductory session is advised. You will meet with a Dahn Yoga instructor who will guide you through the exercises.

For reviews of Dahn Yoga Tempe you can visit their site.

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Mar 11

Wooden Pillow classes offered in Dahn Yoga Centers

Recently several Dahn Yoga studios in the Phoenix area have offered special classes to members teaching them how to use Wooden Pillows.

Originating as an ancient Eastern healing device, today’s Wooden Pillows look simple enough–an arch shaped piece of lightweight wood with a flat bottom, about 2-3 inches in height.  But the uses for the pillows are actually so many it is hard to cover them all in a single class!

Some of the ways a Wooden Pillow can be used include:

-Stepping on the pillow to open acupressure points in the feet

-Sitting with legs outstretched and the pillow underneath thighs, knees, and calves, to release muscle tension and increase flexibility

-Placing the pillow under the lower back to open the spine (but be careful!)

-Placing the pillow under the abdomen while laying facedown and rocking side to side, clear stiffness and toxins from the internal organs and improving digestion

-Placing the pillow under the back of the neck, slowly moving head side to side, opening up stiffness in the neck (very good for before bed!)

During the classes at the Dahn Yoga studios, members get to experience several of these techniques with detailed directions from the instructor, so they can later use the Wooden Pillow on their own.  The classes are relaxing but also joyful and energizing.  For more information or to purchase your own Wooden Pillow, contact the Dahn Yoga Center closest to you.  Visit www.dahnyoga.com for center locations.

HSP Wooden Pillow

HSP Wooden Pillow

Feb 11

Special Healing Course for Arizona Dahn Yoga

Last weekend, Senior Instructor Chung Suk visited the Tempe Dahn Yoga center in Tempe, AZ, and led a Self-healing course for four members.  All four members reported deep experiences and dramatic changes in themselves, both internal and external.

“It was very, very special,” one member said.  ”We were very touched by Master Chung Suk’s sincerity.  There was a lot of bright energy the entire time.”

The course was divided into three segments: first, the members learned body alignment exercises which helped them correct physical imbalances in their bodies and also start to get a deeper sense of proper energy flow.  Second, they did deep personal training in which they connected to their inner selves and awakened the “healer within.”  All members found a strong and passionate desire to truly help themselves and others unlock the secrets of the mind-body system and heal from the inside out.  Third, with this spark alive in their hearts, members practiced partner healing with one another.  They learned not just physical techniques but also how to connect to –  and then share – cosmic energy with their partners.  Everyone experienced deep purification and clarity.

“Doing that kind of training, you really start to feel so close with everyone,” one member shared.  ”I felt very open and trusting at the end.  There was a lot of love in the room.”

Another member reported great empowerment from her experience.  ”I have always wanted to help others, actually that is what my whole life is about,” she said, “but now I know I have to keep healing myself to really help them too.  And I can do it!  It’s great!”

Senior Instructor ChungSuk will visit the Arizona region again at the end of February for a one-day Meridian-healing course.  Anyone who is interested can contact a Dahn Yoga Center in the Phoenix area for more information.

Jan 10

Brain Wave Vibration Reviews

I have been attending Brain Wave Vibration training for more than two months on Saturdays and Sundays. At the beginning it took me a lot of effort to follow the rhythm of the music and to keep a balance; gradually my movements become spontaneous shortly after we started vibration.

Dahn Yoga is an organization with women as a large majority of its members, instructors, managers and executives and takes violence against women seriously, especially sexual assault. When I do not control my body anymore, I feel that I enter the stream of energy, and the conventional sense of “me” disappears. There is just pure energy, and I am that energy. That is my original face. But it is not just a spiritual experience. In everyday life I feel that old pattern of thought, of responding to different situations, is gradually changing, and I have more compassion and more courage to meet life’s challenges.

-Zoga Royt, Flushing, NY

Through Brain Wave Vibration, I am able to connect deep inside to my true nature. The first time I did it, I could truly see myself. I was able to step back and see both fear and power deep inside me. I could see the infinite power and potential I held. As a result, I became happier and developed a happier outlook on life.

-Sara Chears, Naperville, IL

Feb 09


Benefits: This is a very effective method to reduce tension and release stagnant energy from your whole body. By patting, cells are strengthened as they are stimulated and energy points are opened.

Note: Pat the body gently and comfortably to achieve the desired results. You can concentrate better if you allow your eyes to follow your movements.

1.    Curl your fingers and lightly tap all over your head and face with your fingertips.

2.    Stretch out your left arm with your palm facing up. Take your right hand and, starting at the left shoulder, pat rhythmically downward all the way to the left hand.

3.      Then turn your left hand over and, with your right hand, pat your way back up to the left shoulder again.

4.      Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 with the left hand and right arm.

5.      Pat your chest with both hands several times, breathing deeply and exhaling completely.

6.    Starting from your chest, pat your ribs, abdomen, and sides.

7.    With both hands, pat the area just below the right rib cage where your liver is located and concentrate on radiating positive, clear energy to the liver.

8.    With both hands, pat the area just below the left rib cage where your stomach is located and concentrate on bringing healing energy to your stomach.

9.    Bend over slightly from the waist and pat the area on your lower back (on both sides) where your kidneys are located and move up, patting as far as your hands can reach. Then pat your way down to your buttocks.

10.    Starting from your buttocks, pat your way down the back of your legs to your ankles.

11.    From the ankles, start patting your way up the front of your legs until you reach your thighs.

12.    From your upper thighs, pat your way down the outsides of your legs to your ankles.

13.    From the ankles, pat your way up the insides of your legs to your upper thighs. Finish by striking your lower abdomen about 20 times. This exercise is most effective when done with the legs shoulder-width apart with the knees slightly bent.

Feb 09


Benefits: This exercise can help circulation, open blockages, and release stagnant energy from your whole body. It enhances blood and Ki circulation and relaxes the abdominal area.

Note: If you feel discomfort in any area of the body you are tapping, do so more lightly. This is particularly important if you experience stomach distress. Also, do not press into that area. Instead, gently rub hands together and lightly massage that area.

1. Relax the upper body, bend your knees slightly,and balance your weight evenly on both feet.

2. Make a light fist and gently tap the chest, the stomach, ribs, and whole abdomen area while exhaling with a “Aaah-” sound.

3. Continue this motion for five minutes.

4. Focus your consciousness on the areas where you feel achy and stiff, then breathe out with the feeling of letting out the impure energy accumulated in those areas. Close your eyes and focus on the vibration of the tapping as it penetrates deep inside the boay.

Feb 09

Relaxing the Upper Body

Meridian Stretching is designed to open the meridians of the body and to balance the energy of their associated organs. Meridian Stretching combines proper breathing with stretching movements. When breath is combined with body movement, metabolism can be influenced more effectively.

When the circulation of energy and blood is blocked and stagnant, the Ki sensation becomes dull. Before the beginning of main training, Meridian Stretching revives Ki sensation, which is the core foundation of Dahn Yoga. It helps smooth out energy circulation by eliminating stagnant energy in the body, relaxing the body, and supplying rejuvenated energy. Although used primarily before and after main training, practicing Meridian Stretching on its own greatly helps to maintain health and to prevent illness.

Breathing and meditation cannot be fully experienced when tension is held in the upper body. When the shoulders and chest are blocked in this way, energy stagnates in the upper body, rather than organically moving down into the “Dahn-jon,” Korean for lower abdomen energy center. If the body is not relaxed enough during breathing and meditation practice, the healthy state of “Su-seung-hwa-gang,” Korean for Water Up, Fire Down energy principle can be reversed, rather than corrected. Therefore, Meridian Stretching focuses on relaxing the upper body by drawing the energy down into the lower Dahn-jon.

Feb 09


This exercise opens the energy channels on the back side of the body and stretches the whole body from the heels to the top of the spine.

Note: Don’t try to bring your head to your knees as this will curve your spine. Instead, aim to bring the torso as far forward as possible, while keeping the knees and spine straight.

1.    Sit with your legs together, stretching them straight out in front of you.

2.    Place your hands on your knees. Bring your arms in a circular motion toward the back of your hips, circling them up overhead.

3.    Inhale and bend your torso so that your hands can touch your toes. Concentrate on keeping your legs straight. Bend at the elbow, bringing your chest and head toward your knees. Exhale and return to the original posture.

4.    Repeat this several times.

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