Jun 11

Rio Salado College and The New York Times to help with teachers’ personal development

People who are looking to go into the teaching profession can never have enough education. While it takes a certain amount of personal growth, it is important that future educators have enough support in order to succeed in the profession.

Rio Salado College (RSC), which is part of the Maricopa Community College District, teamed up with The New York Times Knowledge Network to provide an online teacher preparation program for people who have already earned bachelor's degrees.

Academic officials said that this partnership would allow more future educators to prepare themselves for the job before they begin to teach students.

"Rio Salado College and The New York Times Knowledge Network are both innovators in higher education," said Chris Bustamante, president of Rio Salado College. "It is an exciting opportunity to work together to offer students the advantage of Rio Salado's proven teacher preparation program and the Knowledge Network's depth of content resources."

As the education sector is always changing, it is important that teachers stay informed on the current trends and make sure they are prepared to be a resource to their students.

May 11

Dahn Yoga could teach nurses about a different kind of healing

Many people in Dahn Yoga classes often want to help others with their emotional and physical burdens. This practice can be healing in a variety of ways, it is important that those who participate in yoga share its benefits with others.

A profession that could only be bettered with yoga is nursing. Now, Grand Canyon University announced that its master’s degree in nursing has received re-accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). The latest accreditation will be valid until June 2021 and academic officials are happy with the prospect.

“This accreditation reaffirms the high quality of our master’s degree in nursing program,” said Anne McNamara, dean of the college of nursing. “At GCU, we strive to prepare graduates to provide excellent, holistic care while encouraging a passion for achievement and a lifelong curiosity for knowledge. We’re so proud to say that we are accomplishing those goals.”

Those who practice yoga may be able to boost their skills as a nurse because they will be able to offer a sense of calm to patients.

May 11

Online program created for those looking for personal development in auditing

In order to achieve personal growth in a certain industry, it's key that individuals continually take courses in an effort to learn about the latest developments pertaining to the sector. Many people define personal development in their own way, for some it could mean furthering their education, for others it could be accomplishing a goal.

As a result, some companies have chosen to develop specific online programs that will allow professionals to learn as they go, which can be great for those who have to worry about their schedules but still want to perfect their craft.

Paul Valder Consulting Incorporated (PVC) announced a new online training program that will help educate those who want to get into internal auditing. The cost for the program, which will last approximately six hours, is $350 a person, or $1,250 for a group of five or more people.

Not only is this great for auditors themselves, but also for companies to use as a training device.

"After years of experience providing classroom training, I am excited to see this great alternative for companies to provide convenient, yet very effective training for their implementation and internal audit teams," said Cynthia Weber, director of training at PVC.

Apr 11

Pursuing a doctorate in education could attribute to a personal change

Many people understand that in order to make a personal change, they need to look into what they really want out of life. While this is true for many reasons, education is a great way to make a difference in one’s own life.

Northwest Nazarene University is planning to offer a doctorate of education in September to help those who are looking to boost their knowledge further and delve into further study, research and exploration for the academic field, according to NCN News.

“We are delighted that NNU is poised to launch its first doctoral degree; it is truly an historic day,” David Alexander, the school’s president, told the news provider. “As a regional university of significance and graduate study substance we will now be able to build upon NNU’s century-long tradition of educating some of the most highly sought after elementary and secondary teachers and school administrators in the Northwest.”

Getting a further education in the field may be a way to navigate the job market, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities are expected to grow by 13 percent.

Apr 11

GCU offers degree program for those looking for personal growth in business

The Dahn Yoga shim sung workshop helps practitioners discover their hidden potential and overcome obstacles to personal growth, once students complete this they may be ready to start a different life path in order to better fit their needs. One way to do this is through enrolling in a higher degree program in a concentrated subject.

Individuals who want to pursue a career in business may be excited to hear that Grand Canyon University (GCU) has added a bachelor’s of science in business management as part of its curriculum. School officials suggest that this new program will help individuals who want to climb the corporate ladder in their current companies.

“A degree in business management provides a strong foundation for those who are already in the workforce and want to improve their status, or for those who are considering an entrepreneurial venture,” said Kevin Barksdale, GCU Dean of the Ken Blanchard College of Business.

Although the degree was already offered through the school online, it will now be featured at the school’s Phoenix campus beginning this fall.

Apr 11

Grand Canyon University looks to make educational personal growth possible with tuition freeze

Dahn Yoga teaches individuals the importance of having both a healthy body and mind. However, those who are looking to enrich their education may find that it’s difficult to do so due to rising costs of entering a degree program.

As a result, Grand Canyon University announced that it will maintain a tuition freeze from 2009, in an effort to keep education costs from getting too high above ones’ reach. The freeze will last through the 2011-2012 school year.

“Though our economy is seeing signs of recovery, frankly people are still wondering how they’ll afford a college education especially in light of the proposed tuition increases at the state institutions,” said Brian Mueller, Grand Canyon University CEO. “The increase in our student enrollment speaks for itself – it’s possible.”

The tuition is currently frozen at $16,500. The school is also offering reduced room and board costs. Since the university implemented the deal, it has seen an increase in freshman class enrollment. School officials say that 2,300 new students will enter the program this fall.

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