Jun 11

Sedona celebrates Day of the Cowboy

When taking a trip to Arizona to visit the Dahn Yoga center in Sedona, travelers may want to add a little excitement into their meditative journey. This summer, the National Day of the Cowboy takes over the city's uptown district for a day of music, games and sporting events.

After doing one's breathing exercises for the day, visitors can watch the lively parade making its way down Jordan Road. Following the procession, there will be plenty of sidewalk entertainment, live performances of traditional western music, art exhibitions, craft demonstrations and much more.

The Sedona Main Street Program has been putting on this annual event since 2005, when President Bush designated the fourth Saturday of July as the Day of the Cowboy. This figure is celebrated because of his character and values – "honesty, integrity, courage, compassion, respect, patriotism and a strong work ethic," according to the organizer's website.

Travelers can complement the relaxing elements of their Arizona vacation with a day of fun on July 23 when they head to uptown Sedona.

May 11

Zambia is home to one of the world’s best wildlife sanctuaries

Traveling abroad is one of the greatest gifts one can give to themselves, as it provides lifelong experiences and new perspectives. Those who are working on their spiritual journey towards personal growth may find a trip to “one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world” – South Luangwa National Park – to be quite beneficial.

Located in eastern Zambia, the national park is one of the most popular attractions in the country. Spanning nearly 3,500 miles, the park has one of the largest populations of African wildlife, and tourists have the chance to see elephants, hippos, leopards, impalas, pukus and many other exotic animals. Visitors should be on the lookout for Thornicraft’s giraffe, which is an interesting breed of the tall mammal that boasts a white face and legs.

Birdwatchers are sure to enjoy a trip to South Luangwa, as there are more than 400 aviary species that inhabit the land. They are best seen in April, May, August, September, November and December.

The landscape is beautiful and picturesque, and travelers will not soon forget the mopane and baobab forests that surround the oxbow lakes.

May 11

The Perhentian Islands offer peace and relaxation

There’s nothing that helps along a yoga session like being surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural sights in the world. Those who visit the Perhentian Islands can practice their meditation techniques along the beach during their Malaysian holiday.

Spanning 10 nautical miles near the Thai border, the islands are located in the northeastern region of Malaysia in the state of Terengganu. The area consists of two gorgeous islands – Perhntian Besar and Kecil (meaning “big” and “small”), with the latter being the more isolated and remote destination, perfect for those who want a quiet, warm-weather getaway.

The best time to visit is March through October – as resorts are typically closed outside of this time frame anyway because the waters are not ideal for swimming due to more dangerous waves.

The islands can only be accessed via speed boat, ferry or slow boat from the Kuala Besut ferry terminal, with the lack of cars on the islands providing a peaceful atmosphere for those who are working on their spiritual journey.

As for activities in the area, scuba diving, snorkeling, jungle trekking and volunteering at the Turtle Conservation center are among the most popular.

May 11

Lake Manyara is a great place to find Tanzanian wildlife

In the fast-paced world that we live in today, it is not often that one stops to appreciate the natural beauty of the world around us, which can hinder personal development. In order to achieve inner peace and properly acknowledge our surroundings, one should consider taking a trip to a foreign place like Tanzania.

Being in a new environment helps one become more in tune with their senses. Vacationers should think about visiting Lake Manyara, which is known for its fascinating and diverse wildlife, as well as its verdant expanse of forests and floodplains.

From elephants, buffalo, hippos and wildebeests to impalas, giraffes and more, travelers are sure to witness unforgettable sights of these creatures roaming in their natural habitats. The lake is most famous for its lion population, however, which are known to climb the acacia trees, so look above to spot one of these maned felines.

There are also more than 400 aviary species at Lake Manyara, making it a perfect destination for birdwatchers.

Exploring the countryside, tourists will find a serene scene that lends itself to an ideal atmosphere for meditation and yoga.

May 11

Learn more about the environment in Montreal

One of the many benefits of yoga is that it helps those who practice become more connected with the earth through breathing exercises and meditation techniques. While feeling this connection on a spiritual level is a great achievement, there are also ways to improve upon this relationship, such as learning more about the environment.

Montreal is an excellent destination for information seekers, as it is home to several institutions that are eager to share their knowledge about the earth. For example, the Biodome de Montreal features four different types of North American ecosystems and gives visitors a look into the varying climates, plants, animals and more.

Also in the Canadian city is the Biosphere, an institution whose main mission is to inform the public about the world’s ongoing environmental issues. Guests will be able to learn about sustainable living, eco-conscious architecture and development, climate change, water sanitation and air quality.

For those who simply want to be surrounded by natural beauty on their trip, the Montreal Botanical Garden is a peaceful place where visitors will be surrounded by 2,000 aromatic flowers.

May 11

The Ngorongoro Crater is a remarkable sight

Keeping an open mind and welcoming educational experiences into one's life is key to personal development, as one cannot grow mentally without accepting and exploring the world around them. One intriguing place to visit is the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, which is an incredible natural landscape that is also one of the most famous prehistoric anthropological attractions on earth.

The crater dates back 2 to 3 million years, as archaeologists have determined that a volcano exploded, collapsing inward and creating the 2,000-foot lava-filled chasm. Spanning more than 100 square-miles, this site is a must-see for those who are searching for awe-inspiring attractions.

The high walls created by the crater lend themselves to a habitat all its own. Inside, tourists can find wildebeests, zebra, rhinoceroses and other African animals, which make for a remarkable safari tour.

Elsewhere in the Ngorongoro region is the Olduvai Gorge, which is where the earliest known human remains were discovered. Those who are interested in evolution and human development are sure to appreciate the site that is known as "the birthplace of humanity."

May 11

Visit Australia’s most iconic site – Uluru

Out of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites on earth, those who are vacationing in Australia will find Uluru to be one of the most interesting. It is an iconic feature of the Outback and regardless of how disciplined one is with their breathing exercises, it is sure to take their breath away.

Uluru is an enormous monolith, or a single stone, located in the Australian Red Center. The orange landscape surrounding the attraction helps it stand out even more, and its prominence and cultural significance are why it was recognized by UNESCO in 1987.

More than 400,000 people visit Uluru – formerly known as Ayers Rock – each year. It spans an area of more than 3 and ⅓ square miles and stands approximately 1,110 feet above the plain; however, ground level visitors only see a fraction of the red rock. Uluru is rooted about 1.5 miles into the earth.

Those who visit the area at sunset will see a spectacular tranformation of the monolith, as it seems to change colors in the evening – morphing from its brick-like terra cotta shade to a deep violet in the twilight.

Apr 11

Practice relaxation techniques while visiting India

When many people are looking for relaxation techniques, they often turn to meditation as a way of getting in touch with themselves. However, it’s important to find a calming place to practice this exercise, as the slightest noise could throw off ones balance.

Those who are serious about their practice may want to consider traveling to India. Although this does not have to be the sole reason, having a great place to meditate is important to some people when they’re choosing their vacation destination.

Considered a holy city, Haridwar, which means gateway to God, is a great place to find a sense of peace. Best Tourism reports that Haridwar was one of seven that was touched by God, which can definitely give a spiritual experience to anyone who journeys there.

Additionally, the area’s rolling hills, greenery and breathtaking structures are sure to impress people as they take in their surroundings while sitting back and beginning their practice. As meditation is an important relaxation technique, individuals should be sure to set aside a lot of time in their day to ensure it’s accomplished.

Apr 11

Practice Dahn Yoga on the beaches of Turks and Caicos

One of the benefits of Dahn Yoga is that it allows people to connect with their inner being, ultimately joining the body and soul. While this is a great way to deal with stress, it helps to practice the exercise in an open environment, particularly one that is also quite serene.

That’s why the beach is the perfect place to tap into one’s psyche, and what better coastline than Turks and Caicos, which is only 550 miles South of Florida. Turks and Caicos is made up for 40 islands, which allows individuals to try meditating at different beaches, searching until they’ve found the perfect spot.

As there are only 30,000 inhabitants in the island nation, it’s easy to be by oneself as they work to reach into their mindset. The island colony is widely regarded for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which is why it makes for a perfect backdrop when getting back in touch with oneself. After all, nothing brings a calming feel quite like the soft crashes of the waves.

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