Mar 13

How you can incorporate yoga stretching exercises into your professional schedule

Whether you work in a corporate office, school or retail store, finding time to work out can be difficult when you have a busy professional schedule. However, yoga for health could be the ideal exercise for balancing fitness and work goals. Here are three ways you can incorporate yoga stretching exercises into your daily routine.

Wake up early
If you're too tired to exercise after a long day of work, you might want to consider waking up a little earlier in the morning to squeeze in a yoga session. Whether you practice at home or at the yoga studio on your way to work, this early morning workout can help you get in a productive mindset while burning calories.

Take a lunch break
Yoga can be done just about anywhere, so consider devoting your lunch break to meditation, deep breathing and stretching poses. Whether you work out in your office or head to a nearby park, this can keep you on your toes during the day.

Practice yoga in stages
Got a free half hour before your next meeting? Consider a brief yoga stretching session. You can then spend 10 or 15 minutes meditating during a lull in your afternoon schedule. Devoting a few minutes here and there to yoga can help you stay active while at work.

May 11

A wide skill set important in modern work environment

While in today’s world it seems as if many professions are hyper-specialized that does not mean that one should let his or her other skills atrophy.

For instance, accountants have to deal with numbers virtually all the time so when it comes time for them to write an email or – more importantly – letters to clients, they can be at a loss.

In a similar vein, writers in a number of industries may not encounter much math in the course of their job but often times such skills are necessary, such as when one has to account for the hours they worked, the number of stories they wrote or when they have to write a story about business or economics.

These are only two examples of how it is essential that people in the modern workplace be “renaissance” men and women to ensure that they are not at a loss when they encounter a task with which they may not be familiar.

Dahn Yoga classes can teach one’s mind, body and spirit how to be in harmony and one should also make sure that their basic skills are also in balance.

Apr 11

Being a courteous, centered person can help in the job search

Just as Dahn Yoga tai chi can help people complete themselves by harmonizing their mind, body and spirit, so too can being thorough during the job application process.

Often times many people leave a job interview relieved that it is over. While this is entirely natural, one should be sure to take some time to write a thank you note or email to their potential employer, bringing their interview process to completion.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a survey from job posting website CareerBuilder found that 22 percent of hiring managers said they were less likely to hire job applicants who did not send thank you notes following their interviews.

These findings make sense, as extending courtesy to others shows people that they understand they are not alone in this world and are part of something larger. In addition, being courteous and polite outwardly can help one find focus and balance within.

“While the job market has begun to move in the right direction, competition continues to remain high for open positions and job seekers need to stay on their toes,” Rosemary Haefner, VP of human resources at CareerBuilder, told the news source. “Employers not only expect thank-you notes, but cover letters as well.”

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