Dec 12

Why practicing yoga for health is a great New Year’s resolution

Are you looking for a New Year's resolution you can stick by in the coming year? Want something that will improve your sense of self in more ways than one? Practicing yoga for health is a great way to boost your body, mind and spirit all at once. Here are three reasons yoga for health and healing should be a part of your new year.

Better sleep habits
Many people struggle with their poor sleep habits, and yoga can be the road you need to a better night's rest. Regularly working out with yoga stretches may help you fall asleep more quickly and stay that way through the night, providing you with more energy the next morning.

Better eating habits
When you join a yoga studio, there's a good chance that you're going to be surrounded by a community of people who encourage healthier eating habits. Talk to your fellow yoga practitioners and you may learn some helpful tips on how to incorporate more nutritional foods into your regular diet.

Better mood
If you've been feeling a little stressed or anxious lately, yoga is great for improving your overall mood. Not only does yoga meditation help with boosting positive feelings and thoughts, but physical activity promotes the release of good-mood hormones in your brain.

Dec 12

Yoga stretching exercises can help with winter injuries

Between the ice, snow and long hours of darkness, the winter offers numerous opportunities to accidentally hurt yourself. And when you're busy worrying about holiday travel plans and cooking family feasts, the last things you need slowing you down are aches and pains. Here are three common wintertime injuries that yoga stretching exercises can help relieve.

Slipping on black ice
As if regular ice wasn't bad enough, black ice is even harder to see when you're walking around on a winter night. Should you fall and land on your back, stretching exercises for lower back can help you work away the pains and improve nearby muscles so you're back to full strength before long.

Trimming the Christmas tree
While decorating your Yuletide tree might be a family tradition, there's no doubt that this activity can pose a few unexpected risks. Even if you manage to keep the tree from falling over on you while you set up the stand, there's always the chance you could hurt your neck or back stretching for those hard-to-reach branches. Yoga poses can help work out those kinks.

Putting together presents
Did you get your children one of those impossible-to-assemble gifts that every kid goes wild for? It might have seemed simple to put together in the instructions, but now that you've strained yourself assembling those heavy materials, you're probably wishing you got them some clothes or a video game instead. Deep breathing exercises and yoga stretches can help you gradually melt away any tension.

Dec 12

Three reasons to practice yoga for health this holiday season

During the holiday season, a good chunk of your time is spent gorging yourself on delicious foods with family and friends. Factor in the cold weather outside, and you've got a time of year when good health habits fall off for many people. If you're looking to keep up with your personal goals, you should consider yoga for health. Here are three reasons yoga for health and fitness is ideal for the holidays.

Increased metabolism
If you want to stay lean and mean by the time January arrives, you're going to need an active digestive system to help get the job done. Working out on a regular basis and getting plenty of sleep can keep your metabolism working hard, which means you'll have an easier time burning calories.

Stronger immune system
You may notice that there are a lot of sick people walking around during the holidays. And while washing your hands and steering clear of these people can help, it doesn't hurt to have a strong immune system to keep you healthy in the face of colds and the flu.

Weight management
Despite having an active metabolism, exercise is important for keeping that holiday weight off. Cardio workouts like yoga practiced for at least a half hour several times a week can burn calories, increase muscle strength and raise your energy levels.

Oct 12

Three great benefits of yoga stretching exercises

Been thinking about shifting your habits toward a more active lifestyle? You might be surprised how many benefits signing up for a beginner's yoga class can offer you. Here are three great reasons why you should consider making yoga stretching exercises a regular part of your routine.

Mood enhancer
Believe it or not, your physical state can actually have a lot to do your with your emotions and mentality. Regular exercise like yoga promotes the release of good-mood hormones in your brain, which can help you develop a happier and more positive outlook on life.

Greater mobility
As you get older, you might start to worry about your range of motion and overall mobility. Keeping your muscles in shape is a good way to help you move with confidence, making yoga for aging a great and low-impact method for getting around easily as you approach your golden years.

Aches and pains
Beyond your range of motion, you may notice that you're feeling achier and have a harder time recovering from minor injuries as you get up there in years. Luckily, yoga stretches can specifically target muscles to provide soothing, therapeutic treatment that will help work out those kinks.

Aug 12

Tips on yoga breathing for weight loss

If you're looking to shed a few pounds, chances are you've considered yoga as a possible fitness plan. However, did you know that it isn't just the stretching exercises that can help you lose weight? Yoga breathing can also contribute you greater health and fitness. Here are a few tips on yoga breathing for weight loss.

Stomach lift
According to FatFreeKitchen.com, this yoga pose uses deep breathing as the key motivator. Start by sitting down on the floor. Inhale through your nose, and make sure that your stomach expands as you do. When your lungs are full, exhale as quickly as you can by contracting your stomach. Repeat this exercise to give your core a good workout.

Stress reduction
Stress can be a major contributor to weight gain, causing you to eat more and sleep less. However, deep breathing during yoga meditation can help you manage your daily anxieties for a more stress-free lifestyle. When you're in a better mood, you're more likely to practice better health habits, according to LiveStrong.com.

More than breathing
While breathing is definitely an important part of yoga weight loss, you should also incorporate other aspects into your routine. Regular cardio exercise, a good diet and plenty of sleep will put you on your path toward losing a few pounds.

Aug 12

Benefits of yoga for aging

There are a lot of great parts about getting older, like grandkids and retirement, but unfortunately your body can suffer during the process. While it won't be able to turn back the clock, yoga can be a great way to feel younger and stronger without putting too much strain on your muscles. Here are a few of the benefits of yoga for aging.

Younger-looking skin
Physical activity can do wonders for your skin's look and feel. Increased blood circulation can help expel toxins from your skin and can also restore a healthy glow. Yoga is also an efficient way of losing a few pounds for a sleeker physique.

Pain treatment
Have you been feeling aches and pains develop as you age? Well, many yoga stretching exercises like the downward facing dog are great for targeting muscle and joint pain. Whether it's your neck, back, shoulders or legs, yoga has a pose that can help you treat your pain.

Flexibility and stability
As your body ages, you may find it's a little more difficult to get from point A to B. However, the strength training and flexibility exercises you learn practicing yoga can help you feel more confident and stable in your movements.

Aug 12

Tips about yoga for healthy skin

Yoga can help you achieve inner peace and greater flexibility, but that doesn't mean it can't also lead to more beautiful hair and skin in the process. There are several cosmetic benefits to stretching, breathing and meditation, which makes yoga a desirable activity for many people. Here are a few tips about yoga for healthy skin.

As you stretch, flex and sweat during yoga, your body is undergoing a detoxification process, according to Yoga-For-Beginners-a-Practical-Guide.com. Increased blood circulation and open pores can push out toxins from the body, so your skin is clear and beautiful.

Stress reduction
There's no doubt that stress can take a serious toll on your body, especially where you skin is concerned. Whether you're stressed about work or simply not getting enough rest at night, a yoga routine of stretching and meditation can help you feel less anxious and more at peace, which will have a positive impact on your body.

Weight loss
If you've been carrying around a few extra pounds lately, a regular yoga workout can put you on a healthy path to weight loss. By firming and toning your body, you'll notice a gradual improvement in the overall look and feel of your skin.

Aug 12

Yoga stretching exercises for couples

Have you and your significant other been trying to work more physical activity into your lives? Couples yoga is a great way to enhance your mind, body and spirit through beneficial stretching exercises. If you're not sure how yoga with your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend works, here are a few tips on doing yoga for health and healing.

Down dog/backbend
The great thing about couples yoga is that two poses can merge into one. According to Women's Health, the down dog/backbend pose is the perfect way to lean on your partner. One person starts with the downward-facing dog pose by placing your hands and feet flat on the ground and creating a triangle shape with your buttocks in the air. The other person stands with his or her feet in front of the other's hands, then leans back until both their backs are pressed together.

Double sandwich
This simple exercise requires both partners to sit facing each other, then stretch their legs out in front of them. With the soles of their feet touching, both people should then lean/stretch all the way forward and grab each other's arms to hold the pose, according to FitSurgar.com.

Breathing together
A significant portion of yoga revolves around breathing exercises, and couples yoga is no different. According to ABC-Of-Yoga.com, partners practicing breathing together benefit from the joint calming power, which can allow them to focus more energy into their bodies.

Aug 12

Tips on the best stretching exercises for men

Though it's certainly not true, some men resist yoga because they feel that it is an activity primarily directed toward women. However, yoga is used by men and women alike to boost strength, flexibility, muscle control and energy levels – from professional athletes to weekend warriors. If you're a guy considering yoga for the first time, here are a few key stretching exercises that are suited for men.

Forward fold
According to MensHealth.com, the forward fold stretch is a great way for guys to target their hamstrings, calves, hips, legs and knees. Standing up straight, simply bend forward at the waist so your upper body approaches the floor. As you do this, allow your knees to bend too – keeping pressure off of your lower back. Finally, grab your elbows with opposite hands and breathe deeply while swaying back and forth for a minute.

Eagle pose
If you want to work on your balance, LiveStrong.com recommends the eagle pose. All you need to do is stand straight up, then cross one leg over the other. To finish, take your elbows in your hands, and then raise your arms toward your head for a moment.

One of the most important parts of beginning a yoga routine is consistency. You don't need to devote hours at a time to perfecting every pose – simply set aside a period when you can during the day to stretch your muscles and practice. Even if it's only for a few minutes, you'll be getting into a routine of yoga for health and healing.

Aug 12

Consider doing yoga for healthy knees

Have you been hearing all sorts of pops emanating from your knees lately? Your joints can begin to suffer and weaken as the years wear on, so you may want to consider a fitness regimen that restores them to their former strength. Here are a few tips on how you can practice yoga for healthy knees.

Weight loss
One of the major contributors to weak knees is weight gain. Those extra pounds can put undue pressure on your joints, causing them to falter over time. However, yoga stretching exercises are great for getting yourself back down to a manageable weight, according to LiveStrong.com.

Greater stability
When it comes to beneficial knee exercises, yoga is often the ideal treatment, notes YogaJournal.com. By targeting your upper leg muscles, you'll increase strength, control and flexibility, which can be a great help to weakening knees.

If you're feeling nervous about attempting yoga knees exercises for the first time, just chill out with a relaxation pose. According to ABC-Of-Yoga.com, the relaxation pose is an essential introduction for quieting your body and mind, so you can prepare yourself for the workout ahead.

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