May 11

A wide skill set important in modern work environment

While in today’s world it seems as if many professions are hyper-specialized that does not mean that one should let his or her other skills atrophy.

For instance, accountants have to deal with numbers virtually all the time so when it comes time for them to write an email or – more importantly – letters to clients, they can be at a loss.

In a similar vein, writers in a number of industries may not encounter much math in the course of their job but often times such skills are necessary, such as when one has to account for the hours they worked, the number of stories they wrote or when they have to write a story about business or economics.

These are only two examples of how it is essential that people in the modern workplace be “renaissance” men and women to ensure that they are not at a loss when they encounter a task with which they may not be familiar.

Dahn Yoga classes can teach one’s mind, body and spirit how to be in harmony and one should also make sure that their basic skills are also in balance.

May 11

Dahn Yoga could teach nurses about a different kind of healing

Many people in Dahn Yoga classes often want to help others with their emotional and physical burdens. This practice can be healing in a variety of ways, it is important that those who participate in yoga share its benefits with others.

A profession that could only be bettered with yoga is nursing. Now, Grand Canyon University announced that its master’s degree in nursing has received re-accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). The latest accreditation will be valid until June 2021 and academic officials are happy with the prospect.

“This accreditation reaffirms the high quality of our master’s degree in nursing program,” said Anne McNamara, dean of the college of nursing. “At GCU, we strive to prepare graduates to provide excellent, holistic care while encouraging a passion for achievement and a lifelong curiosity for knowledge. We’re so proud to say that we are accomplishing those goals.”

Those who practice yoga may be able to boost their skills as a nurse because they will be able to offer a sense of calm to patients.

May 11

What illnesses and poor habits encourage, position therapy undoes

Since many of the everyday problems that plague the body stem from simple, long-held bad habits, undoing the causes of such problems is often as simple as using opposing forces within the body to cancel out negative energy. In this regard, a recently established series of Dahn Yoga classes is helping hundreds of satisfied members heal themselves and rearrange their inner energy.

Called position therapy, these instructive sessions were initiated with the help of acupuncturist and self-healing expert Banya Lim, whose practice is based in Arizona.

Lim will be leading a series of classes between May 18th and 22nd that focus on the individual’s ability to rearrange inner imbalances of energy. At its core, position therapy analyzes the patterns and predispositions of the body.

Those that negatively affect an individual’s sense of well-being are gradually corrected by using yoga postures, deep breathing and tai chi.

Furthermore, Lim’s workshop improves the mental state in which a person lives each day, ensuring that otherwise optimal physical health is not hamstrung by a lack of mental awareness of one’s health.

Apr 11

Yoga may ease anxiety, arthritis, gait problems

While Dahn Yoga is widely known for its catalogue of poses designed to reforge the mind-body connection, the discipline may also have a number of beneficial side effects. A number of recent studies have suggested that yoga can have far-reaching, positive physical and mental effects.

Research published in the International Journal of Yoga found that practicing the regimen for just 90 minutes once or twice a week can significantly reduce anxiety levels.

The report’s authors noted that after just one month of this regimen, individuals of several age groups – including those who were 20 to 30 years old and 65 to 75 years old – showed large dips in their salivary levels of the amylase enzyme, the excess presence of which can indicate stress. Likewise, the participants reported feeling less tense.

Another study, this one in the journal BMC Research Notes, determined that one week of regular yoga helped improve participants’ grip strength and reduce their blood levels of rheumatoid factor, an autoantibody that suggests the advance of arthritis.

Finally, research appearing in the journal Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation found that eight weeks of yoga may help elderly Americans increase their hip extension and stride length, potentially ameliorating gait problems.

Taking Dahn Yoga classes is something thousands of aging Americans have decided is right for their bodies and minds.

Apr 11

More men flock to yoga programs than ever before

The Dahn Yoga community strikes an even balance between the young and the old, the physically fit and the out of shape, and the experienced and the beginners. This equilibrium also extends to gender, since men and women alike have reaped the benefits of the holistic mind-body program.

In general, more men are engaging in yoga than ever before in both Canada and the U.S. A recent article in the Montreal Gazette highlighted as much, noting that men’s exercise goals can differ from those of women.

Fitness professional Roberto Morales told the newspaper that men often want to shed pounds and increase their muscle mass, while women tend to want to simply tone their bodies.

“The first classes were created in the 1980s and they were targeted at women,” he explained to the news source. “They incorporated a lot of dance, so it wasn’t something that attracted most men.”

Today, yoga seems to offer a viable solution to this divergence in fitness ideals. Individuals from all walks of life and both genders can find a program that suits their physical and mental needs.

Taking Dahn Yoga classes is a good way to mix with one’s local community while attending to the body’s and brain’s needs. For those who want to reconnect their mental and corporeal selves, Dahn Yoga offers much in the way of meditation and self-exploration.

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