Apr 12

In spring, Dahn Yoga for health can channel your energy

Spring has sprung. Flowers are in bloom, the days are warmer, the sun is up longer and everything is green. If you're like most Americans, springtime entails some mixed emotions – on the one hand, you're delighted to see the seasons change, and, on the other, you have the overwhelming urge to get away from your cubicle and into the sun. Rather than playing hookey, though, consider doing Dahn Yoga for your health.

Online magazine Feelgood Style recently addressed the antsiness that comes with warmer weather. The news source called the feeling "spring fever" and explained that it's more than a feeling – it's a primal force.

Essentially, your body is attuned to nature. Though we're social, civilized creatures, we're also still animals. The restlessness you feel at your desk each day is your brain stem and your ki energy telling you to GET OUTSIDE!

Unfortunately, this isn't an urge you can indulge very often. Most people need to maintain a regular work schedule, or else risk losing their position. So instead of pulling up stakes and going on a yoga retreat in Arizona (you can save that for your vacation), take a few minutes at work to do Dahn Yoga. Even if you simply meditate at your desk, you'll be able to internalize and redirect all your extra energy into something constructive.

Jan 12

Breast cancer survivors with joint pain use yoga for health and healing

Each year, more than 230,000 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer, the National Cancer Institute estimates. Those who are postmenopausal are often given aromatase inhibitors, a class of drug that shuts off estrogen production and can lead to serious joint pain. Fortunately, yoga for health and healing may be able to relieve this problem.

That's according to a new study published in EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing. Its authors, a group of scientists from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, found that doing yoga helped breast cancer survivors soothe their joint pain.

Also known as arthralgia, these aches can be quite serious. Being able to relieve them is a major part of getting through aromatase inhibitor therapy.

In the study, researchers led cancer patients through yoga classes twice a week and instructed them on how to do yoga at home.

After eight weeks, the results indicated that yoga and meditation were linked to reductions in joint aches and improvements in overall quality of life. Similar studies have shown that yoga classes can soothe many physical and mental symptoms for women with cancer.

That's the beauty of doing Dahn Yoga for health – as the nation's premier holistic mind-body regimen, it can improve wellness for people of all different health levels.

Jan 12

Studies find that youth benefit from yoga, stretching exercises for kids

Across the U.S., countless adults are using Dahn Yoga for their health and wellness. This regimen, based on centuries of holistic healing expertise, can improve bodily function and relieve mental stress – no matter how young you are.

Scientists are increasingly taking notice that yoga, tai chi and mindfulness meditation have applications for the health of children. Hundreds of U.S. schools have integrated yoga programs into their physical education programs, and recently a pair of researchers set out to see how the holistic healing practice is benefiting schoolchildren.

In one report, Robin Lowry, a physical education expert from Temple University, found that most school-based yoga programs are very flexible. Classes for children often include games, stories, music and group activities, all designed to keep kids focused, interested and calm.

Another study, this one conducted by psychologist Mary Lance of Walden University, determined that yoga, meditation and stretching exercises for kids may help prevent pediatric anxiety.

This means that Dahn Yoga classes may help kids find some much-needed relaxation. After all, the National Institute of Mental Health estimates that one-quarter of 13- to 18-year-olds are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

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