Mar 13

How you can incorporate yoga stretching exercises into your professional schedule

Whether you work in a corporate office, school or retail store, finding time to work out can be difficult when you have a busy professional schedule. However, yoga for health could be the ideal exercise for balancing fitness and work goals. Here are three ways you can incorporate yoga stretching exercises into your daily routine.

Wake up early
If you're too tired to exercise after a long day of work, you might want to consider waking up a little earlier in the morning to squeeze in a yoga session. Whether you practice at home or at the yoga studio on your way to work, this early morning workout can help you get in a productive mindset while burning calories.

Take a lunch break
Yoga can be done just about anywhere, so consider devoting your lunch break to meditation, deep breathing and stretching poses. Whether you work out in your office or head to a nearby park, this can keep you on your toes during the day.

Practice yoga in stages
Got a free half hour before your next meeting? Consider a brief yoga stretching session. You can then spend 10 or 15 minutes meditating during a lull in your afternoon schedule. Devoting a few minutes here and there to yoga can help you stay active while at work.

Mar 13

Aches and pains? Consider yoga for health

Dealing with aches, pains and general discomfort on a regular basis is never fun. If you've been looking for a way to improve your overall health and wellness, making physical activity a regular part of your life is a great place to start. In particular, yoga for health can help you overcome a range of common physical problems.

Painful headaches
Stress, a poor diet and lack of exercise can all play a part in frequent headaches. Luckily, yoga stretching exercises and meditation techniques can all help to alleviate anxiety and tension while promoting greater blood circulation, reducing the likelihood of your headaches.

You might be surprised to learn that working out is actually a great way to manage hunger pangs to avoid overeating. When you make exercise a regular part of your routine, you'll have higher energy levels and increased metabolism. This can help you avoid eating empty calories in junk food and make better dietary choices.

Trouble sleeping
If you've been struggling to get a good night of sleep, yoga stretching, deep breathing and meditation exercises are all ideal for reducing stress. This can help you fall asleep more easily and stay asleep for longer.

Jan 13

Three tips for practicing yoga stretching exercises in the new year

If you've made a New Year's resolution to work out and eat better, you might want to consider joining a yoga class in your area. Yoga meditation and stretching exercises can help you lose weight and strengthen your body while improving your mental state. Here are some beginner tips on how to stick with this New Year's resolution.

Find the right instructor
When it comes to sticking with a yoga routine, your instructor can play a big part in your overall success. You'll likely find that your learning style and personality mesh better with certain teachers rather than others, so shop around for the class that works best for you.

Find the right people
If you can find a friend or relative who wants to practice yoga for health with you in the new year, it can make the entire process more enjoyable and easy to stick with. However, you should also look for a yoga studio with a warm and friendly group of classmates who can welcome you as a beginner.

Find the right schedule
Sticking with a yoga routine means finding time for it in your daily life. Ideally, you should go to class during those moments in your schedule when you're not usually busy – such as in the early morning before work or after work before you get home for dinner.

Aug 12

Benefits of yoga for aging

There are a lot of great parts about getting older, like grandkids and retirement, but unfortunately your body can suffer during the process. While it won't be able to turn back the clock, yoga can be a great way to feel younger and stronger without putting too much strain on your muscles. Here are a few of the benefits of yoga for aging.

Younger-looking skin
Physical activity can do wonders for your skin's look and feel. Increased blood circulation can help expel toxins from your skin and can also restore a healthy glow. Yoga is also an efficient way of losing a few pounds for a sleeker physique.

Pain treatment
Have you been feeling aches and pains develop as you age? Well, many yoga stretching exercises like the downward facing dog are great for targeting muscle and joint pain. Whether it's your neck, back, shoulders or legs, yoga has a pose that can help you treat your pain.

Flexibility and stability
As your body ages, you may find it's a little more difficult to get from point A to B. However, the strength training and flexibility exercises you learn practicing yoga can help you feel more confident and stable in your movements.

Aug 12

Yoga stretching exercises for couples

Have you and your significant other been trying to work more physical activity into your lives? Couples yoga is a great way to enhance your mind, body and spirit through beneficial stretching exercises. If you're not sure how yoga with your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend works, here are a few tips on doing yoga for health and healing.

Down dog/backbend
The great thing about couples yoga is that two poses can merge into one. According to Women's Health, the down dog/backbend pose is the perfect way to lean on your partner. One person starts with the downward-facing dog pose by placing your hands and feet flat on the ground and creating a triangle shape with your buttocks in the air. The other person stands with his or her feet in front of the other's hands, then leans back until both their backs are pressed together.

Double sandwich
This simple exercise requires both partners to sit facing each other, then stretch their legs out in front of them. With the soles of their feet touching, both people should then lean/stretch all the way forward and grab each other's arms to hold the pose, according to FitSurgar.com.

Breathing together
A significant portion of yoga revolves around breathing exercises, and couples yoga is no different. According to ABC-Of-Yoga.com, partners practicing breathing together benefit from the joint calming power, which can allow them to focus more energy into their bodies.

Aug 12

Tips on the best stretching exercises for men

Though it's certainly not true, some men resist yoga because they feel that it is an activity primarily directed toward women. However, yoga is used by men and women alike to boost strength, flexibility, muscle control and energy levels – from professional athletes to weekend warriors. If you're a guy considering yoga for the first time, here are a few key stretching exercises that are suited for men.

Forward fold
According to MensHealth.com, the forward fold stretch is a great way for guys to target their hamstrings, calves, hips, legs and knees. Standing up straight, simply bend forward at the waist so your upper body approaches the floor. As you do this, allow your knees to bend too – keeping pressure off of your lower back. Finally, grab your elbows with opposite hands and breathe deeply while swaying back and forth for a minute.

Eagle pose
If you want to work on your balance, LiveStrong.com recommends the eagle pose. All you need to do is stand straight up, then cross one leg over the other. To finish, take your elbows in your hands, and then raise your arms toward your head for a moment.

One of the most important parts of beginning a yoga routine is consistency. You don't need to devote hours at a time to perfecting every pose – simply set aside a period when you can during the day to stretch your muscles and practice. Even if it's only for a few minutes, you'll be getting into a routine of yoga for health and healing.

Jan 12

People with osteoarthritis may use yoga for healthy knees

Having osteoarthritis can be seriously painful, especially when the condition affects the joints of the legs. Even for folks who are seasoned yoga practitioners, it's not always clear what the best stretching exercises for knee pain are.

Still, a new study has concluded that people with osteoarthritis can use yoga for healthy knees. In particular, the report noted that the holistic health routine is good for individuals who are over the age of 50, obese and suffering from degradation of the knee joints.

Researchers began by asking dozens of obese osteoarthritis patients to engage in weekly yoga classes. The program utilized stretching exercises that had been modified to suit people with limited mobility and flexibility.

The team found that people who used yoga tended to experience improvements in stiffness and pain level. The results, which included no negative side effects, appeared in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 27 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis. Is it any wonder that in a survey, 18 percent of adults told the agency that they had experienced knee pain in the prior 30 days?

Jan 12

When doing yoga’s neck stretching exercises, skip the headstand

Chronic neck pain is one of the most common physical problems in the U.S., which is why many yoga enthusiasts use neck stretching exercises to ease aches and increase their spinal flexibility. In response to a recent New York Times article alleging that yoga can cause serious neck injuries, a media editor for the Huffington Post recommended simply skipping the advanced poses.

Editor Sandip Roy explained that the Times article was not off-base. Yes, he said, highly acrobatic yoga poses can lead to neck or back injuries. However, Roy noted that the article – which has generated a lot of media discussion of late – comes to a fairly obvious conclusion: "Headstands are not for everyone."

Essentially, to do yoga for a healthy back and neck, it's important to stick to a soothing regimen, like Dahn Yoga, that does not push the spine to its limits. By utilizing such a routine, it is possible to improve the range of motion of the neck and reduce aches.

According to a survey conducted by the National Institute of Health Statistics, 15 percent of Americans report having neck pain, making it the third most common type of chronic ache.

Jan 12

Studies find that youth benefit from yoga, stretching exercises for kids

Across the U.S., countless adults are using Dahn Yoga for their health and wellness. This regimen, based on centuries of holistic healing expertise, can improve bodily function and relieve mental stress – no matter how young you are.

Scientists are increasingly taking notice that yoga, tai chi and mindfulness meditation have applications for the health of children. Hundreds of U.S. schools have integrated yoga programs into their physical education programs, and recently a pair of researchers set out to see how the holistic healing practice is benefiting schoolchildren.

In one report, Robin Lowry, a physical education expert from Temple University, found that most school-based yoga programs are very flexible. Classes for children often include games, stories, music and group activities, all designed to keep kids focused, interested and calm.

Another study, this one conducted by psychologist Mary Lance of Walden University, determined that yoga, meditation and stretching exercises for kids may help prevent pediatric anxiety.

This means that Dahn Yoga classes may help kids find some much-needed relaxation. After all, the National Institute of Mental Health estimates that one-quarter of 13- to 18-year-olds are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Dec 11

As baby boomers retire, yoga for healthy aging becomes more important than ever

Yoga's stretching exercises for seniors are similar to those used by everyone else – they promote flexibility and strength while helping enthusiasts relax and reconnect with themselves. That said, yoga for healthy aging is becoming an increasingly important form of physical activity for the millions of Americans hitting retirement age.

Nationally, the numbers on elderly adults are pretty jaw-dropping. In 2009, the federal government's Administration on Aging (AOA) tallied about 40 million Americans aged 65 or older. The agency estimates that in just two decades, that figure will leap to 72 million!

By 2030, one in five Americans will be at least 65 years of age, the AOA notes.

This trend is largely due to two factors – namely, the large number of people born in the baby boomer generation and the increasing average lifespan (due to improving health technology).

However, living to one's golden years does not guarantee health or happiness. Many aging Americans suffer from physical ailments and cognitive decline. To slow the progress of these problems, or to reduce their severity if they occur, elderly yoga enthusiasts may consider increasing the number of times they practice the holistic regimen each week.

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